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Spa-Licious (spa-lish-us): 1. adjective meaning highly pleasing or agreeable to the senses, similar in feeling to that emotion experienced whilst enjoying spa treatments

Spa-ify (spa-if-i): 1. verb describing the action of creating a spa-like environment or atmosphere

Our Mission

To Spa-ify your life wherever you may be, and in as many different ways possible.

Spa-Licious online store focuses specifically on stress-busting products sourced from all over the world. Wherever possible we take our cue from nature to bring you a life-enhancing array of body, mind and spirit products. Spa-Licious online store is here to help you to create your own personal and wonderful Spa-Licious atmosphere.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to help you find your most innovating self.

Feel-good therapies and natural healing are the lifestyle mantras of this new millennium and Spa-Licious intends to lead the way by providing you with the means of Spa-ifying yourself. We also intend to offer insight into many of the ancient techniques and treatments that have been handed down from some of our top professionals in the health and wellness industry.

Our Team

Spa-Licious online store is dedicated to serving you and Spa-ifying your life.

Our team of spa professionals and consultants are ready to provide you with an exceptionally convenient, educational, cutting-edge, “one-stop” buying and learning experience.

Adopt Our Philosophy

In these busy, hi-tech, high-speed modern times we have fewer and fewer moments to ourselves.

A few simple objects may give more pleasure than a mass or jumble. Choose items that appeal to you not only in their form or function but for their color, scent and emotive feel. This way you will find yourself surrounded by objects that have meaning and are special to you.

The spirit is an elusive concept, an abstract blend of attributes and characteristics that is unique to each of us. Acknowledging our spiritual being is about connecting with our inner identity and translating that into something visual and substantial. In order to create an environment that is responsive to the spirit and one in which you feel truly Spa-ifyed seek out the essential elements with which you feel a spiritual empathy. To achieve this think objectively about yourself, search your psyche and find what really appeals to you, both in the wider visual, smell or touch sense and in the finer details, for achieving a soothing restorative effect.

With all that Spa-Licious online store has to offer, it’s no wonder that people consider us to be the most innovative solution for spa lovers of the world.