Spa Dictionary



An ancient Oriental healing technique based on the Taoist philosophy. The aim is to balance the energy meridians to permit the body to “heal itself”. A relatively painless technique, acupuncture can be administered by using needles, low voltage electric current, or through pin point massage (acupressure).

Algae Immune Boosting Wrap

A body wrap using seaweed that imparts essential vitamins and proteins to nourish and replenish the body, while intensely hydrating and firming the skin. This wrap is a great choice at the change of seasons to infuse your body with nutrients and boost your immune system.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial

A 25% chemecial peel that smoothes away dead skin cells, improving texture, tone, and clarity.


Treatments such as massage, facials, body wraps or hydrotherapy with the application of fragrant essential oils. Different oils are used to induce different therapeutic benefits.

Aromatherapy Massage

This technique is defined by massaging essential oils onto the body to help relax, revitalize and or help sore muscles.

Avello Facial

The Avello Facial is recommended for any skin type. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated as an extension of the cleaning process, to further clean out clogged pores and get rid of dead surface cells and environmental pollution. It is steamed and extracted (if needed). A relaxing massage follows to soothe and revitalize the skin and replenish moisture and increase the skin’s circulation. The facial is completed with a mask chosen specifically for the your skin type.

Botinol Facial

A non-invasive anti-aging dermo procedure clin using the latest technologies and breakthroughs in active ingredients to work as a wrinkle corrector able to act against expression lines and much more. It re-densifies, smoothes and relaxes the skin, visibly reducing the appearance of expression lines and preventing the appearance of new ones.

Bouvier Hydrotherapy Tub

Imported from France, our Bouvier tubs feature 144 underwater jets designed to sequentially massage away muscular tension, improve circulation, and eliminate toxins.

Chinese Massage 

Tui Na uses acupoints to balance energy meridians in the body. This massage promotes relaxation and relieves stiffness, headaches, and blocked sinuses.

Collagen Facial

This facial is for anyone looking to “plump” up their skin. It will significantly reduce the lines and wrinkles in the skin. This facial is great for all skin types, oily normal and dry. It will not over stimulate oily skin. The skin will be left subtle, smooth and very hydrated. The steps in this facial are the same as any other facial, except that we are using special products and an actual sheet of collagen as the mask. (Yes this mask is animal collagen).


An analysis of your internal organs and bodily energy flow, which gives the Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine an over all picture of the state of your well being. Includes Herbology, the prescription of herbs customized to the specific disorders diagnosed by our Doctor of Traditional of Chinese Medicine.


Dead Sea Mud Treatments

Applications of mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea in Israel. Used to detoxify skin and body, also used to ease symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

Deep Tissue Massage

Targeting deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, firmer technique is adopted. Excellent for people who prefer a deeper massage.

Ensuite Massage

A massage performed in the guest’s hotel room.


A skin treatment in which the upper layers of dead skin cells are removed. A variety of techniques can be used.

Express Revitalizer Massage

The Express Revitalizer Massage is a short massage, which allows the guest to target a specific body area on which the therapist will work. Guests are able to designate the level of pressure and target area for the massage.

Foot Revitalizer

This treatment involves the feet being washed, scrubbed, massaged and then dipped in warm peach paraffin. This 20-minute foot indulgence takes care of those aching feet, leaving them feeling fresh and revitalized.

French Polish

A nail polish technique where the tips of the fingernails are painted white and the rest of the nail is covered in a sheer pink or natural shade.


H2O Lifting Facial

This is a complete clinical treatment. It consists of four phases; cleansing, toning, moisturizing and restoring for instant radiance. First the skin is cleansed and toned with GM Collin cleanser and toner best suited to your skin. Following the regular cleansing, an exfoliate is applied and rinsed. Using Hydro lifting fluid the skin is intensely moisturized followed with a massage. The toning mask used in this treatment has an incredible lifting affect. This facial ends with the application of an extremely moisturizing concentrate.

Head & Neck Massage

This luxurious head and neck massage is performed by the massage therapists in one of our reclining pedicure chairs. The heavenly head and neck massage can be paired with either the foot revitalizer or paraffin gehwol pedicure, or enjoyed on its own. Guests leave feeling rejuventated, revitalized and re-energised.

Heavenly Milk Soak

A very relaxing soak in one of our Bouvier tubs featuring 144 underwater jets designed to sequentially massage away toxins. Avello’s signature blend of Heavenly Milk Bath is used to soothe the senses and elevate your mood, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.

Herbal Tension Relieving Wrap 

A body wrap using hot bandages soaked in a herbal solution wrapped around the body to facilitate detoxification, enhance circulation and for revving up your metabolism. There are 16 different herbs in combination with Vitamin E, Lecithin and Orange Essence leaving the skin feeling very soft and replenished.

Herbal Soak

Kniepp herbs from Germany are imported to ensure the utmost in relaxation for this soak in one of our Bouvier tubs. Great for recovering from ailments, or anytime you feel you need a boost.

Holistic Health

A philosophy of health that views the environmental, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Intricately interwoven, it seeks to create balance by attending to the whole individual.

Hot Rock Massage

An intensely relaxing massage using hot black basalt lava stones. The stones are placed on Chakras, which are energy meridians used as tools to massage the body with oils. This massage uses a lot of energy work and the energy is strong. It is more relaxing than a sports or deep tissue massage.

Hydrating Seaweed Facial

Rich in vitamins and minerals, this seaweed treatment is especially effective in boosting hydration and calming for dry, red, wind burned, sunburned or sensitive skin. The cooling Algomask stimulates regeneration and protects skin against environment and aging.


Long a staple in European spas, Hydrotherapy includes underwater jet massage, showers, jet sprays and mineral baths.

Gentlemans Facial

A deep cleansing and hydrating facial with the special skin needs of men in mind. Cleansing, gentle exfoliation, mask application and an optional shave is what this facial includes.




The system by which life energy flows through the body. The aim is to balance one`s energy meridians to permit the body to heal itself.

Moor Mud

A natural peat preparation, rich in organic matter, proteins, vitamins and trace minerals, applied to ease aches and pains.

Moor Mud Detoxifying Wrap

The treatment begins with a full body salt exfoliation and then mud from the Dead Sea is applied to the body. This mud has an excellent detoxification effect. It assists with mineral balancing, increases cell vitality and replenishes electrolytes. Great for easing sore achy joints and flushing toxins from your system.

Mustard Soak

A rejuvenating soak in one of our Bouvier tubs, which features 144 underwater jets designed to sequentially massage away muscular tension, improve circulation, and eliminate toxins. Mustard is renowed for it’s stimulating, cleansing, and rejuventating properties, as well as for warming tissues and opening up pores. Great for relieving ailments and for purification.



A relaxing treatment in which heated paraffin wax is brushed over the body trapping heat and drawing out toxins. Leaves the skin smooth.


A system of exercise that uses slow, controlled movements to build strength and flexibility, particularly in the body’s core- the abdomen, hips, and back.

Pregnancy Massage

This is a relaxation massage to help muscle pains and aches because of the changes in the body due to pregnancy. This massage can only be performed if the guest is in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Reflexology Massage

An ancient Chinese technique using pressure point massage (usually on the feet, but also on the hands and ears) to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. This treatment improves circulation, elimination, and digestive ailments.


Reiki is a gentle (light or no touching) treatment where universal energy is channeled to specific areas of the body to promote healing and well-being.

Relaxation Massage

Through gentle, soothing strokes, nerves are calmed, circulation improved, and stress reduced.


Salt Glow

The body is rubbed with coarse salt, sometimes in combination with fragrant oils, to remove the outer layer of dead skin and stimulate circulation.

Satago Massage

Two therapists simulataneously working to relieve stress, restore balance and revitalize energy.

Seaweed Wraps

A wrap or mask of concentrated seawater and seaweed with a balance of the ocean’s nutrients, including minerals, rare trace elements, vitamins and proteins. The nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream to revitalize the skin and body.

Shiatsu Massage

An acupressure massage technique developed in Japan. The therapist applies pressure to specific points in the body to stimulate and unlock “meridians” (pathways through which life energy flows).


Adjective meaning highly pleasing or agreeable to the senses, similar in feeling to that emotion experienced whilst enjoying spa treatments. Also the name of our on-line store.

Spa Manicure

A lavish manicure, which begins with a filing of the nails, a soothing hand soak, followed by cleansing and hydrating of the cuticles. A relaxing hand and arm massage with our own Avello brand hand lotion leaves hands silky and smooth. The final touch is your choice polish.

Sports Massage

Relieves muscle tightness and increases energy to the areas of the body affected by strenous activity. A deep tissue massage using stretches directed specifically at muscles used in athletic activities. Great before and after exercise.

Swedish Masssage

The classical European massage technique of gentle manipulation of the muscle with the use of massage oils.

 Thai Massage

A yoga influenced style of massage incorporating light stretching. Using elements of gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create a unique and deeply relaxing experience. This massage heightens circulation, flexibility, and energy opening the meridians for a deeper relaxation.

Thalasso Therapy

Treatments using the therapeutic benefits of the sea and seawater products.

Thermal Detox Facial

This facial is an extension of the Avello facial. The only difference is the addition of the thermoplastic mask. This facial is great for all skin types, oily or dry. The thermoplastic mask uses deep penetrating heat to rid the skin from toxins and impurities as well as increase circulation and boost hydration. It is great for anyone who lives in a major city with a lot of pollution, works in an environment such as a kitchen, or feels as though their skin needs a deep clean. The thermoplastic mask also helps with the removal of extractions, which is good for those with dirty skin.


Vitamin C Facial

This treatment is incorporated into an Avello Facial, by using the Sea C spa products. After cleansing the skin, pure C concentrate is applied, then seaweed patches are put on the face and saturated with the Sea C spa lotion. The massage is performed with the same lotion and water. It is finished with the Sea C spa mask and skin cream suited for the client’s skin type.



A practice developed in the East, using postures and controlled breathing, to stretch and tone the body.