Holistic Treatments

Experience an awakening of your senses, outlook and spirit. Our holistic treatments investigate the physical and emotional illnesses of the body and promote health through the use of ancient Chinese medical techniques including cupping and moxabustion when needed.

All our therapists are certified in the profession in which they practice.  British Columbia does not recognize our province or country registrations, therefore treatments cannot be reimbursed through your medical plan. Receipts cannot be issued for medical rebate. Avello is a relaxation Spa.

Chinese Massage

Tui Na uses acupoints to balance energy meridians in the body, this massage promotes relaxation and relieves stiffness, headaches and blocked sinuses.

  • price: $200
  • duration: 80 minutes


The use of fine specialty needles to balance energy meridians, permitting the body to heal itself.

  • price: $200
  • duration: 85 minutes


An analysis of your internal organs and bodily energy flow, which gives the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine an over all picture of the state of your well being.  Includes Herbology, the prescription of herbs customized to the specific disorders diagnosed by our Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • price: $180
  • duration: 50 minutes


Here at Avello we pride ourselves on offering natural effective cures to everyday ailments without the use of prescription drugs. Through the use of Chinese Herbs that work with your body instead of against it, this medicinal provide fast long lasting relief without any of the side effects of most Western Pharmaceuticals.

Below is a list of what we have available in stock at all times.

Clarity: Clarity is a cure for the common cold, its so fast acting, the fever starts to go down immediately. Clarity will also get rid of pain in the body and head, and throat and help clear one’s head and revitalize.

Deep Calm: Deep Calm works to pacify any and all stomach problems, whether it be pain or nausea or digestion issues, this medicine will ameliorate the situation.  Deep Calm can also be used when there are headaches or fever associated with the above symptoms.

Rest Easy: Rest Easy is a jet lag formula concocted to regulate the body’s rhythm back to normal and nourish the mind for a calm rested and well adjusted sleep.

Muscle Ease: Muscle Ease comes both in liniment, pill and patch form, each are designed to get to the root of the pain or tightness and soothe from within, Muscle Ease is so effective you may even find yourselves back on the slops in no time.

Allergy Away: For those suffering from hay fever, runny nose and congestion this medicinal brings results so quickly you’ll forget that you had symptoms in the first place.

  • Price: $10

Is there something that you don’t see? Let us know and we can accommodate to your individual needs.