Signature Treatments

We invite you to indulge in the ultimate spa experience with one of Avello’s signature spa treatments.

All our therapists are certified in the profession in which they practice.  British Columbia does not recognize other province or country registrations, therefore treatments cannot be reimbursed through your medical plan. Receipts cannot be issued for medical rebate. Avello is a relaxation Spa.


Avello Hot Rock Massage

This one of a kind massage is essential! Trails of smooth, heated stones are placed on the body, beginning at the toes, up your legs and onto your back. As the stones release their heat, tension is discharged from deep within the muscles, leaving you peaceful and stress-free.

  • price: $220
  • duration: 80 minutes

Thai Stem Massage

Thai Herbal Stem Massage combines traditional massage techniques with therapeutic herbs and essential oils bundled up in the stems. The oils and resins are steamed to release their healing properties and are then massaged over the body.

  • price: $250
  • duration: 80 minutes

Satago Massage

Two therapists massage you simultaneously to relieve stress, restore balance, and renew your energy.

  • price: $130
  • duration: 20 minutes

Express Revitalizer

This is your best choice to help eliminate a specific problem area of the body in need of rapid pain relief.

  • price: $75
  • duration: 20 minutes